Write Your Autobiography the Easy Way

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This page is devoted to helping you write your autobiography. You’ll find a short five step guide below which gives you information and useful links to help you write your autobiography with the minimal of fuss. Of course, you may wish to write a longer autobiography which wouldn’t look out of place alongside the life stories of rock stars and politicians. For a more detailed plan that gives you a step by step guide to writing your autobiography and uploading it to Amazon for sale, buy a copy of the book. Just click on the book cover image to find out more. Why not? After all your life matters, so your story is important. Tell us about it today.  

Write Your Autobiography the Easy Way was written from my experience of establishing  a small literary project in a nursing home. I helped adults with a range of physical and mental disabilities to write their life stories and then turned those life stories into a series of e-books which could be sold on Amazon or even printed and bound as physical books. Naturally, given the scale of the task and the time constraints these autobiographies were shorter than the ones you see in bookshops. But the process is exactly same no matter the length of the book you write. So read Write Your Autobiography the Easy Way to learn how to write your autobiography and decide for yourself how much you want to write and what you want to write about. After all, it’s your life and your story.

The rest of this page is here to assist activity organisers, carers and those with family members in a care home to support the elderly people they know to write their life stories

Step 1

Scan in any family photos, artwork and so on into a computer. This will be needed later.

Step 2

Take any biographical information written down in care plans or remembered from talking with the residents in the home and put it into a logical structure in a Word Document. Add any favourite poems, saying and quotes to accompany the pictures you scanned in.

Step 3

Download Calibre. It is a free e-book creation software program, so don’t worry it’s not going to cost a penny.

Step 4

Watch the five short video tutorials on this site that show you how to format your document correctly to convert it into an e-book and follow closely the instructions on how to use Calibre.  Use the free poetry downloads that are next to the video tutorials, especially if you want to add extra content to an autobiography.

Once you’ve format your document and created the ePub version of the e-book with Calibre remember you can add loads of bells and whistles. In other words, use Calibre’s editor to add hyperlinks to YouTube videos or anything else that’s online and relevant to the book you’re making. Be Imaginative here. if you’ve got the time why not use the hyperlinks to create a kind of soundtrack for your book. You’re only limited by your own imagination. Have fun. Once you are happy with the finished e-book sign up to Kindle Direct Publishing and upload the e-book you’ve created and then follow the instructions to make a physical copy of your book if that’s what you prefer.

And that’s it.

I’ve posted the links to make it easier for you to find what you need. But there’s a lot involved in writing an autobiography, especially if you also want to make an e-book version and try to make physical copies and sell them on Amazon. So if you want further advice or you would like me to help with the process then I’m happy to assist you for a small fee.

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