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Fiction Titles 

A State of Independence You are now disabled and disfigured. The life you had is gone. But can you rebuild your life? Can you regain your independence? In 2014, James Larkins overcame all the odds to walk the West Highland Way. Follow him on a journey towards independence. £3.99

Diamond in the Rough Ever have one of those days where you wish you stayed in bed? Well, Jack does. Jack is in trouble and not even his Little Red Book of Karma can save him now. A vicious gangland boss, Jonah Burns has his brother, Graeme, and plans to kill him if Jack doesn’t find the diamonds he’s stolen. To make matters worse, agent Jasmine Cochrane is after a ghost from Jack’s past who’s leaving a trail of dead bodies through the countryside. Can Jack rise to the occasion? Can he face his past and save his brother before it’s too late? And can he escape the legacy of the past that is written down in his Little Red Book of Karma?

Non-Fiction Titles 

A Man Called Uncle This book is based on the series of 112 letters  I wrote to my niece over the last nine years. It is s supercharged with the wisdom of the ancients and the latest research on human happiness. If you’re looking for some inspiration, this is the book for you and is a brilliant companion book to the Craighead Christmas Messages. Both these titles are available for £0.99. Be warned, though, there’s some powerful stuff here. It has saved a life. 

Write Your Autobiography the Easy Way This is a book which is based on a project I set up in a nursing home in which I helped a group of residents write their autobiographies. In helping adults with physical and mental disabilities write their life stories, I learned a great deal and I hope you’ll be inspired by this project to try to write your own autobiography or to at least help a friend or loved one write theirs.  I will show you how you can do it quickly and effectively with the minimum of fuss. Have a go now. 

The Little Book of Inspiration This e-book designed to be there for you when you need it the most. It is a cross between a family photo album, a self-help book, poetry anthology and a digital arts and crafts how-to book. The Little Book of Inspiration is packed with stuff that will make you smile. There’s also a step-by-step guide on how to make your own version to entertain yourself or your friends and family. £2.99

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The Journey begins

Thank you to all those that attended the book launch.


Now, like James, I have a hard slog ahead of me to get the book into the hands of readers who’ll love it just as much as you. As I go on my journey, I am happy to walk with fellow travellers. If you feel I can help you in some way to achieve your own goals contact me. In the meantime, happy reading and remember to leave some feedback on Amazon