The Facebook Novel

I am writing a novel on Facebook. The idea comes from the cellphone novels which are very popular in Japan. Simply put, just like the cellphone novel, I’ve  decided to try writing a novel in small chunks of around 100-200 words at a time. I will, throughout the year, post these mini chapters on Facebook as I write them. But I recognise that many people may like to read the book in larger chunks, so I’ve created this page for you. Feel free to leave a comment or two here or on the Facebook posts as and when I post them.

Now here are the links to those larger chunks 

Chapters 1-5 

Chapters 6-10

Chapter 11-15

Chapter 16-20

Chapter 21-25

Chapter 26-30

Chapter 31

Chapter 32-35

Chapter 36-40

Chapter 41-45

Chapter 46-48

Chapter 49

Chapter 50-55

Chapter 56-59

Chapter 60