A Bio

I am Paul D. McDonagh. As well as being the author of A State of Independence, I am also a community activist, poet and writer of the Craighead Christmas Messages.

I was born in Paisley Maternity Hospital in 1979, and I have lived in Barrhead all of my life. I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Community Education and a bunch of other qualifications, but I suspect, rather than reading a load of boring biographical information, you’d much rather know why I wrote A State of Independence.

Three reasons why I wrote A State of Independence

  • I wanted to capture how people felt during the referendum on Scottish independence.
  • I thought that, if my book was good enough, it may help me acquire the funds I need to walk the Way of St. James and make a big payment towards my mortgage.
  • I’d like to do more community projects. It is possible to do a lot with a small amount of money, many of my most successful projects have cost as little as £50 to organise, but I can do even more with larger amounts of money. If I manage to sell a lot of copies of A State of Independence, I plan to do more community projects.

 I’d walk 500 miles

I would love to take on the challenge of the Way of St. James, a 500 mile trek and centuries-old pilgrim route, but this very much depends on how many copies of my novel I manage to sell. If you would like to support my goals, buy a copy of the book.

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The way of St. James involves a 500-mile walk across the north of Spain. As I have to work for a living and, like you, don’t get much time away from work, it is my intention to walk the full distance in three to four weeks. That isn’t going to be easy. I’ll probably end up with blisters the size of golf balls when I finish, but it’s worth it.

Should I try to raise money for a good cause?

Because walking 500 miles in around three to four weeks is quite a difficult challenge, I thought it might be worthwhile trying to raise money for a good cause, but what do you think? What charity should I raise money for?

Anyway, that’s quite enough for now. I hope you enjoy navigating the site and reading the posts. And I hope to hear from you soon or see you at an event where I am promoting A State of Independence and my other books.

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