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It's tough dealing with emotions
It’s tough dealing with emotions

I have uploaded a copy of the games and activities which form the Happy Resource Kit. Please feel free to download a copy. I hope you find it useful. Whether you be a teacher, youth worker or a busy parent, I’m sure you’ll find something here which engages the children you know.

A Happy Download

The Happy Resource Kit


  • Introducing Happy the Rabbit
  • Happy and the White Fox PDF Version
  • The Happy Workbook
  • Folder of images and scenes for Craft Projects
  • The Ups and Downs Game
  • Happy Heads and Speedy Heads
  • Happy Squares
  • Happy Hangman
  • Gratitude Letter
  • The Happy Gratitude Diary
  • For the Teacher’s Eyes Only

An audio version of the story is available 

If you would like to listen to an audio version of the story or sample some free audio to create your own mash-up, then feel free to do so by clicking here  

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