Chapter 32-35

Chapter 32 Despite the pain in his shins, the burns on his wrists and arms; and despite the cuts, bruises; and despite his bones aching; and despite his bum being numb from sitting in the same position for hours, Graeme wasn’t going to give in. I’m not going to let the buggers get me down. […]

Chapter 31

As this is a very, very, very long chapter in the Facebook novel, I’ve decided to give over this entire post to this one chapter. Chapter 31 Outside the surveillance unit, a small army of men and women started to make their way across the uneven terrain with the intent of converging on Malcolm Turner […]

Chapter 26-30

Chapter 26 At first, Sam thought it was exciting that she and her father, Pete, were stopped by the agents. It was like being in a crime novel. But Sam had just spent the last couple of hours sitting by herself waiting for Pete to come out of the room they had put him in. […]

Chapter 21-25

So a new post and new chapters. There’s still a lot of question up in the air like who’s the mole in Jonah’s organisation? Will Sam discover Jack’s secret. Anyway, let’s get stuck in. Chapter 21 ‘Yes, I understand… Okay… I’ll be there… I said I’ll be there.’ Jonah Burns continued speaking to the person on the […]

Chapter 16-20

We are now getting into the meat of the story. I reckon there’s going to be quite a few surprises in store for the characters, but what do you think is going to happen next? Chapter 16 Sam clung tightly to Pete as Jonah Burns stared at them. Sam stifled her tears and avoided Jonah’s […]

Chapter 11-15

This post contains chapter 11-15 of the novel I am writing on Facebook. As ever, feel free to leave a comment or two here or post a comment on Facebook. Chapter 11 Pete caught Jack off guard by his sudden attack. The force of the plank of wood hitting his head knocked Jack to the ground. […]

Chapter 6-10

This post contains chapters 6-10 of the novel I’m writing on Facebook. This post will be updated as and when new chapters are written so stay tuned. Chapter 6 Derek, the middle-aged man with a comb-over and thick glasses, who lives in the flat across from Doris, Jack’s gran, was riveted as he looked through […]