Diamond in the Rough Epilogue

So Jack died. It’s sad, I know – especially for my gran. She’s not taking it too well. She says she’s fine, but well… I’m looking at her now, and she’s smiling which is good. It’s like they say – one day at a time, eh? Gran’s been helping me restore Grandpa’s allotment, and things are starting to look much better around here. We could have a good crop next season. Things are looking good, don’t you think?
Oh, in case you were wondering, Derek’s life has improved for the better in the last few months. He’s got a girlfriend now. I know a shocker, right? I think she’s a nurse or something. I keep forgetting to ask him.
Anyway, my gran sends her regards. She took a tumble recently, but she’s a tough old bird, and I’m sure she’ll bounce back. Besides, I managed to find a buyer for the diamonds so if she starts getting too unwell I can afford any medical treatment she requires.
I bet you thought I’d skip off to Brazil or somewhere with the diamonds after Jack died. But no. I couldn’t leave my gran. It’s sad but true – I’m all Gran has.
My mum hasn’t been around here in quite awhile which might be for the best. I doubt Gran could take much more of her antics. The strange thing is that when I speak to Derek about her, (Yes, I talk to Derek. Don’t look so surprised) he just smiles and says she’s well looked after. Whatever, right? I mean, at least she’s not round here upsetting my gran.
Anyway, as for the female agent, what was her name again? Jasmine Cochrane, that’s it. As far as I know, she got a commendation for bringing down Jerry O’Dowd. It was in the news, I think. Jerry was one seriously bad guy. Still, he did me a favour when it came to Jonah Burns. I’m not sure what Agent Cochrane is doing right now, but I hope she’s happy because Lenny is in a sorry state and it’s tough watching the big lug struggle. He might have been unkind to me in Jonah’s warehouse, but I hope the big guy’s health improves. So here’s hoping the lady agent is fairing much better. I’m sure she is.
If you must know, Lenny is walking around on crutches at the moment. It wasn’t my fault – honest. He wasn’t looking where he was going a few weeks ago and ended up getting hit by a bus. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. As the saying goes, karma’s a bitch which probably explains why Connelly bought it in the end too.
So that’s it. Does that clear everything up and give you answers to all your questions? Maybe or Maybe not. But I’ll leave you with a question or two of my own. Do you think my brother was at peace at the end? I mean, I’d like to think so, but you can never be sure, can you?

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