Firs Nursing Home e-books

This is a temporary post to help you find and read the e-books written and created by the residents of the Firs Nursing Home. More of the residents’ books will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

Rona Watt: A Life is the life story of Rona Watt, wife, mother, grandmother. Rona worked in the National Savings Bank, and she was a keen ballroom dancer. This life story was written by her son, Kenneth Watt, who’s also a resident in the Firs Nursing Home.

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Like the samurai warriors of old, Tom and Ron, both of whom served in the armed forces, like nothing more than being out in nature. Alongside their stunning images of Scotland’s landscape, you will find they have added inspirational sayings from the Fa East and some of the finest haiku from Japan. If you are looking for some words of wisdom and beautiful imagery, look no further.

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