How to Create a Digital Family Archive

With so many of us posting on Facebook and uploading content to sites like YouTube, it means our friends and family have built up a large digital footprint. It also means as a family historian you can utilise website building software like WordPress to create a digital family archive that harnesses the best of your family’s digital footprint. Quite simply, it has never been easier to put together all the information that’s out there into engaging online content. Also, it’s achievable without you needing to have advanced computer programming knowledge. And you can get it done in no time at all. All you need is one webpage and a blog.

Build a Digital Archive the Easy Way

By far the easiest way of accomplishing the task of creating a digital archive is to have a simple webpage with a blog. The webpage will be a homepage for your archive and the blog is where you’ll write posts about individual family members. To give your digital archive some colour, you can add a slider or online digital photo album to your webpage and a small directory or A-Z of your family relatives. Once you have a form of words introducing your site all you need to do  is add links on your webpage which visitors to your site can click on to get to the posts you’ve written about individual relatives.

Blogging about relatives

Your posts about your relatives can be as serious or as funny as you like. Nowadays, you’re really only limited by your imagination. I mean, you’re pretty much able to add any text you want to include then upload, pictures, video and audio too. You’re problem will really be what to include or not to include as the case may be. 

If you’d like a more detailed explanation of how to create a family digital archive with WordPress then contact me

Passion and Support 

By creating your family’s digital archive, you will be able to pursue your passion for family history while supporting the dreams of individual family members as you can showcase or link to their activities. Of course, If you’d like technical support or like this idea but don’t have time to do it yourself and don’t mind paying for someone to create a digital archive for your family contact me

Blow the dust off 

Of course, If you’d prefer to go it alone and learn how to make your own digital archive then the blog posts below will help you on the journey. Remember, if you currently have a lot of information gathering dust in an old cupboard or an old computer file, this is your opportunity to blow the dust off the information you’ve collected over the years and showcase the fascinating family history you’ve gathered for your wider circle of friends and family. Also, for many younger people, if it isn’t online then it probably doesn’t exist. And let’s face it, your younger relatives probably aren’t going to be interested in listening to you to drone on about some relative they never met and who died a long time ago. So with a digital archive, you can preserve your knowledge for a time when the younger members of your family want to know more about their family history.

Delegate If You Can

The links below are for various posts and web pages which will show you what you can do to create a fully interactive digital archive. Of course, the key is always to try to get others to help you. After all, you may be short of time too and why wouldn’t individual members of your family prefer to simply add content and links to your family digital archive at a time that suits them? It would certainly reduce the work for you. Family history may be a passion for you, or you may be thinking of creating a family digital archive for a relative who’s really into family history, but hates computers. In any case, I hope you enjoy creating your family’s digital archive and can delegate some of the work where you can. Creating a family digital archive is a beautiful thing you’re doing for all your relatives. Who knows, you may even go on to write your autobiography or help an elderly relative to write theirs which can be very rewarding too and which could be up on your digital archive too.

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