Chapter 60

This is the final chapter. If you don’t want to know how it all ends, look away now. Chapter 60 ‘So we’re agreed then that you’ve only to fire if necessary?’ Jack asked Jasmine. ‘I don’t want any stray bullets killing my gran.’ ‘Okay, but it’s your funeral,’ Jasmine said. ‘I’m the professional, after all. […]

Chapter 56-59

It’s getting very close to the end now. I hope you’re enjoying the ride. Chapter 56 ‘Time for a new plan,’ Connelly said to himself once he had retreated from the office building and regrouped. It was when he took the time to reassess the situation that Connelly realised he still had an ace up […]

Chapter 50-55

Chapter 50 ‘I want her dead,’ Jerry O’Dowd said as he looked at a freeze frame image of Jasmine Cochrane on his mobile device and bared his teeth. ‘How can one woman be such a problem!’ O’Dowd barked. Colin stood silently beside O’Dowd and never uttered a word as he watched O’Dowd throw the mobile […]

Chapter 49

A whopper of a chapter this one. Hopefully it tastes even better than a burger from Burger King.  Chapter 49 Jack watched with awe as Jasmine Cochrane laid waste to the mercenaries outside the surveillance unit. She sprung up between the long grass fired her automatic rifle and shot a couple of men in the […]

Chapter 46-48

I don’t know about you, but I can feel us getting close to the end of this story, no? Chapter 46 O’Dowd stood at the edge of a dock with his mobile phone at his ears. Some of his underlings were busy loading and unloading merchandise. The horns of ships and cries of seagulls filled […]

Chapter 41-45

Chapter 41 Connelly stopped firing because he had run out of bullets. The sound of police sirens called out from the distance, getting closer with each passing minute. A few onlookers started filming the shootout on their mobile phones. Morons, Jack thought as he stared at a guy in a business suit with his iPhone […]

Chapter 36-40

Chapter 36 ‘Eh, so, can I come in Gran?’ Graeme asked ‘No you bloody well can’t come in,’ Doris said with the anger spitting in each word. Graeme chuckled. ‘Gran, it’s Graeme, the wee bairn. Come on, let me in.’ ‘Not now and not ever,’ Doris said. ‘You’re as bad as your mother.’ ‘That wounds […]