Chapter 26-30

Chapter 26

At first, Sam thought it was exciting that she and her father, Pete, were stopped by the agents. It was like being in a crime novel. But Sam had just spent the last couple of hours sitting by herself waiting for Pete to come out of the room they had put him in. Sam sat on an uncomfortable chair bored out of her mind. She started at the blank wall in front of her. She couldn’t believe that at the time she thought it was cool. As Sam sat on the chair, she swung her legs back and forth and replayed the scene in her mind.
‘Cool,’ Sam said as she looked at Jasmine Cochrane’s badge which she waved in front of Pete and Sam like a flick knife ‘I’m going to be a cop, too, when I’m older, lady.’ Sam smiled. Jasmine Cochrane cocked an eye and muffled a laugh. ‘Lady?’ Sam asked
Jasmine smiled ‘Yes?’.
‘Have you rescued Uncle Jack yet?
Pete glanced towards Jasmine Cochrane, ‘I’m sure Uncle Jack is safe and sound,’ he said. Pete hoped she would say something to reassure Sam.
‘Oh yes, he’s going to be all right.’
But now the lady agent had disappeared, and I’ve been left here to sit by myself on an uncomfortable chair. Is Uncle Jack really okay? Maybe I should ask those agents for a drink of water, thought Sam as she squirmed about on her chair in an effort to relieve the numbness in her bum. A sigh escaped Sam’s lips while her mind remained imprisoned in her boredom. Sam felt hot and thirsty. To take her mind off her dry throat, Sam started looking around at her surroundings. I spy with my little eye…
‘She’s adorable, isn’t she ?’ asked one agent to the other as they stood at a water cooler observing Sam as she played I spy in her head.
‘Not as cute as my kid, though,’ the second agent said
‘Seriously, buddy, you’re besotted,’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Well, all you ever do nowadays is talk about your kid. I mean—’
The agent waved his hand dismissively. ‘You’ll understand when—’
‘I know, I know, when I have kids of my own,’ the agent rolled his eyes and stifled a yawn.
‘She certainly seems quite curious, doesn’t she?’
‘Maybe, but who knows what goes through a kid’s mind, eh?’
Malcolm Turner entered the room, walked past the agents without saying a word, completely ignored Sam, and then swung open the door of the interrogation room where Pete sat with his hands clasped together on a table. Near Pete’s right arm, a plastic cup full of tepid tap water sat waiting for Pete to drink it. Pete continued to stare up at the ceiling tiles and ignored Malcolm Turner as he marched into the interrogation room and banged the door behind him.

Chapter 27

Jonah had sent off his scrawny underling to follow Jack and ordered his thug to kill Jack when he knew Jack had found the diamonds, and then to bring back the diamonds after he had disposed of him. Jonah Burns looked over at Graeme and snorted with laughter. ‘I hope you don’t think you’re going to get out of here alive, son.’
‘Maybe,’ Graeme said, smiling.
Jonah laughed again. ‘Ever the optimist, eh?’
‘Do you want me to shut him up for you, boss?’ The large thug looked Graeme up and down and then shook his head Some people are morons. The thug shook his head again as if to emphasise his thought.
‘No, that’s okay, Lenny,’ Jonah said. ‘But keep an eye on him. He’s a weasel, Lenny. And remember, Lenny, when a weasel squeaks it means death is near, so be careful, eh?’
‘Okay, boss, ‘Lenny said, looking perplexed as he watched Jonah make his way to the exit.
‘Where you going, boss?’
‘To the docks, Lenny, to see a man about a delivery,’ Jonah smiled at Lenny, and then looked over at Graeme. ‘If he gives you any trouble, give him a kick or two.’
‘Sure thing, boss,’ Lenny smiled ‘And thanks, boss,’
‘For what?’ Jonah asked
‘For what,’ Graeme repeated sarcastically.
‘For letting me use my feet ‘cause my hands are killing me.’ Lenny walked up to Graeme and kicked him as hard as he could in the shins. Graeme yelled out in agony.
‘Have fun, Lenny,’ Jonah said. ‘Have fun.’ Jonah closed the door on them and went to his meeting.

Chapter 28
Jack entered a curtain of woodland with an uneven path. He knew it would take him to the main road that led into the town centre. He felt as if an itch had been scratched once he had made additions to the long list of scores that he needed to settle. Once Jack had added names to his Little Red Book of Karma, he put it back into his jacket pocket. He knew that he would prevail eventually. Jack also knew that there was a good chance that Graeme had hidden Jonah’s diamonds in their grandmother’s flat. That was why Jack marched along the path thinking about the quickest way to Doris’s flat. They must be in her cuckoo clock. I mean, where else would they be? Why else would Graeme keep saying cuckoo over and over again? Graeme wasn’t saying Jonah was mad. He was trying to tell me where he’d hidden the diamonds.
If Jasmine Cochrane had known about the listening device that the mole had put in Jack’s left jacket pocket, she would have used it to pinpoint Jack’s location and intercepted him but the mole hadn’t told anyone about the tracking device nor did he ever intend to.
Unaware of the looming danger, Jasmine Cochrane’s mind was preoccupied by thoughts and feelings she had of being unprepared. She knew that operations like this never went according to plan, but she felt as if her boss, Malcolm Turner, had sent her off on this errand half-cocked. Jack Ledger being out loose in the countryside like this struck Jasmine as just plain sloppy. I don’t like sloppiness, Jasmine thought. But she was going to like what happened next even less.
Chapter 29
Instead of heading after Jack as Jonah had ordered, the scrawny thug hid behind a large dilapidated digging machine and waited for his boss to leave. Once he saw Jonah drive off, he took out his mobile phone and made a call
‘It’s Connelly,’
‘Yes?’ said the gruff male voice at the end of the line
‘Jonah Burns is on his way. I put a bug in Jack Ledger’s jacket as you requested. Do you want me to follow him?’
‘No, I want you to follow Jasmine Cochrane and kill her.’
‘But she knows who I am. She knows that I’m one of Turner’s—’
‘Malcolm Turner won’t be a problem for much longer.’
‘Are you going to—
‘Kill Cochrane, and I’ll deal with Turner. Understand.’ The voice at the end of the line was chilling.
‘How will I find her. I mean—’
‘She’s trying to incept Jack Ledger, right now,’ the gruff voice, coughed. ‘Track Jack Ledger—’
‘And I’ll find Cochrane?’
‘Yes, now move before it’s too late. She’s almost caught up with him.’
‘But how do you know where she—’
‘I don’t have time to explain everything to you,’ the gruff voice said. ‘Let’s just say that I’ve been a dozen moves ahead of everyone else on the board. Now, move before I ask someone to come and get you. Do you want that? Well, do you?
‘N-No. I’ll do as you say.’ Connelly said
‘One last thing,’ the voice said
‘Don’t kill Jack Ledger.’
‘I don’t pay you to ask questions.’
‘No, you pay me to betray my friends, you pay me to—’
‘You don’t have any friends anymore, Connelly, but what you do have is a shitload of money.’  The voice said ‘That ought to be enough for a maggot like you.’
Chapter 30
Doris was still shaken up about the fight between Jack, her grandson, and Doreen’s latest boyfriend, John. Doris wasn’t the type to admit it, but she was getting scared, scared to go out, scared to stay in, scared of being old and feeble. With Doreen in her life, Doris felt like a prisoner in her own home. Doris loved her daughter, but I wish she’d just die. As this thought intruded upon her mind, Doris was hit instantly with an overpowering feeling of guilt. And then remorse. How could a mother feel this way about her own child? Doris thought as she washed and dried her dishes.  Doris’s mind and body were on edge. Her brain flicked through a catalogue of pain and misery. Memories, images, flashed behind Doris’s eyes. A thousand phantom sounds pierced Doris’s ears. A recording of Doreen’s drunken, violent outbursts played in Doris’s mind.  And the years of lies rose up in crescendo then come crashing down into the cacophony of the many arguments they had over the years filled with acts of theft, sometimes of money and at other times of jewellery. She pawned my wedding ring.
There was a knock on the door. Is that Jack? Why would he come back so soon?
Doris made her way to the door.  She looked through the spyhole and saw the thick glasses and balding head of Derek he waved at her perhaps sensing that she was standing behind the door and looking at him through the spyhole
Doris took a deep breath and painted a smile on her face before she opened the door to Derek.

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