Chapter 32-35

Chapter 32 Despite the pain in his shins, the burns on his wrists and arms; and despite the cuts, bruises; and despite his bones aching; and despite his bum being numb from sitting in the same position for hours, Graeme wasn’t going to give in. I’m not going to let the buggers get me down. […]

Chapter 31

As this is a very, very, very long chapter in the Facebook novel, I’ve decided to give over this entire post to this one chapter. Chapter 31 Outside the surveillance unit, a small army of men and women started to make their way across the uneven terrain with the intent of converging on Malcolm Turner […]

Chapter 26-30

Chapter 26 At first, Sam thought it was exciting that she and her father, Pete, were stopped by the agents. It was like being in a crime novel. But Sam had just spent the last couple of hours sitting by herself waiting for Pete to come out of the room they had put him in. […]