Chapter 21-25

So a new post and new chapters. There’s still a lot of question up in the air like who’s the mole in Jonah’s organisation? Will Sam discover Jack’s secret. Anyway, let’s get stuck in.

Chapter 21

‘Yes, I understand… Okay… I’ll be there… I said I’ll be there.’ Jonah Burns continued speaking to the person on the other end of his phone. Meanwhile, Jonah’s mind whirled with thoughts. This could be the biggest deal yet. Nothing better go wrong. Nothing will go wrong. I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way.
As Jonah talked on the phone, Jack looked over at his brother, Graeme. A flicker of brotherly concern flashed across Jack’s face as he looked closely at his brother’s battered and bruised face and saw Graeme spit out a considerable amount of blood, but that was soon extinguished when he saw Graeme staring at him and grinning. Graeme don’t be such a…
‘Right, okay, bye.’ Jonah ended the call and put his phone back in his inside jacket pocket and smiled at Jack but his smile quickly turned sour when he glanced over at Graeme. ‘Look, Jack, I’d love to stick around and reminisce about old times.’ Jonah pointed to Graeme ‘And I’d really love to stay here awhile and have some more fun with your brother, but I’ve got more pressing matters that need attending to.’ Jonah flashed a cruel smile. ‘So I’ll make a deal with you. One more deal for old times’ sake, eh?’
Graeme laughed. ‘I never knew you were so sweet on my brother.’
Graeme, what the…‘And what deal is that?’ asked Jack, distracted by his thoughts as he listened to Jonah. What the hell are you playing at little brother? thought Jack as he stared at Graeme .
‘Your brother’s got quite a mouth on him,’ Jonah said.
The scrawny thug that stood beside Jack spoke. ‘Why don’t we just kill them right now?’
‘I’d like to think Jack’s a friend, so… I mean, you don’t want me to kill your little brother in front of you, do you, Jack?’
‘No, I don’t.’
‘So you’ll take my deal, then?’
‘What deal, boss?’ asked the scrawny thug.
‘Jack, here,’ Jonah jabbed at Jack with a finger, ‘will find the diamonds his brother stole from me and in return,’ Jonah then pointed towards Graeme. ‘I’ll allow that excuse for a human being over there go free.’
‘So how about it, Jack, do we have a deal?’

Chapter 22

Jack looked over at Graeme and scowled at him, then softened his eyes. ‘Okay.’ Jack sighed.
‘Good, boy, Jack,’ Jonah said ‘It’s like old times, eh, with me telling you to do something and you doing it.’ Jonah laughed.
‘Untie his hands,’ Jonah said to the scrawny thug standing beside Jack. The thug pulled out a knife and freed Jack from his bindings.
Jack rubbed his wrist and said, ‘I have two conditions.’
Jonah laughed ‘Oh really, and what are those?’
Without warning Jack turned and head butted the scrawny thug that had just freed him but had also pushed him earlier in the day. The thug staggered back and shook his head. ‘The first is that I get to head butt him.’ Jack smiled.
Jonah grinned. ‘And the second?’
‘It isn’t going to be a ride along. If I’m going to find your diamonds, I ‘ll do it my way. Okay!’ Jack said

Chapter 23
‘Sir, they’re going to let him go,’ the female agent said as she sat at her screen and listened to the conversation between Jack and Jonah.
‘What about our agent?’ Malcolm Turner said as he lifted his head away from a computer tablet full of photographs of Jonah Burns with members of a gang of thieves they had chased across Europe.
‘He seems to be okay for now, sir,’ the female agent said.
Around them, there was a hum of activity. Most of the other agents were busy viewing their screens filled with images and audio of various players in the investigation.
‘Do we send someone to intercept Mr Ledger when he leaves the building?’ the female agent asked.
‘Yes, Miss Cochrane.’ Malcolm Turner smiled. ‘And you’re that person. ‘
‘But, sir, I’m just a—’
‘Well, now you can be a glorified babysitter, too, Miss Cochrane.’ Malcolm Turner frowned. ‘Get Mr Ledger and bring him here, and keep him here. Sit on him if you have to. Do whatever it takes, but get him in here so I can talk to him.’
Jasmine Cochrane sighed as she pulled off her headphones, put on her jacket and headed for her car. As she slid open the door of the mobile surveillance vehicle, Jasmine could see and hear Malcolm Turner muttering to himself.
‘We need to find out how Jack Ledger and his brother Graeme fit into all this.’ Malcolm Turner slammed his tablet down on the table, sighed and rubbed his tired eyes.
As he watched Jasmine leave, Malcolm Turner’s mind continued to work on overdrive, continued to figure out why their investigation was being stymied at every turn. He was rapidly coming to the conclusion that someone was playing both sides, someone was playing a dangerous game. And it could get my agents killed.

Chapter 24
Jonah smiled. ‘Okay, Jack. You’ve got a deal.’
The scrawny thug bleated. ‘You’re just going to let him walk out of here after he –’
Jack laughed and taunted the scrawny thug. ‘Oh, come on. Suck it up, sunny boy.’
‘Yes, I’m going to let him go,’ Jonah said, scowling at his underling. “Do you have a problem with that?’
The scrawny thug gulped. ‘No, boss, no problem.’
‘Good.’ Jonah said as he looked at his two associates ‘Now the pair of you show Jack the way out.’
‘I can find my own way, thanks,’ Jack said, but Jonah’s thugs each grabbed an arm and frogmarched Jack outside the building. As they manhandled him, one of the thugs put a listening device into Jack’s left-hand jacket pocket.
They threw Jack out the building. He fell forward into the dust and dirt. He pulled himself up and dusted himself down and squinted in the sunlight. Jack could see a path in the field across from this derelict building. Jack guessed that if he followed it across the field and through the curtain of woodland beyond he would soon reach the town centre. I hope I’m right about where Graeme had hidden Jonah’s diamonds, thought Jack as he stepped forward and gave a brief glance backwards to the build that held his brother like a cage holds an animal.
As he walked across the field, Jack’s mind itched like an addict’s. He ignored the shattered sunlight sprinkled over the tips of each blade of grass. He even ignore the small ditch to his side full of sparkling rain water, and the sound of birds dive bombing the field for worms. Instead, like any other addict scrambling for a fix, Jack took out his Little Red Book of Karma and a pen out his right-hand jacket pocket and wrote the names of Jonah Burns and his two henchmen alongside that of his own brother, Graeme, in neat handwriting. In parallel with their names, he wrote – they must pay, they must all pay.

Chapter 25
When his thugs returned, Jonah smiled and motioned for the scrawny thug to come closer. When he got near to him, Jonah pulled his henchman to him and whispered in his ear ‘Follow Jack and when he finds the diamonds kill him.’
The scrawny thug grinned. ‘Sure thing, boss. It will be my pleasure.’ The scrawny thug made his way to the exit.
‘What are we going to do with him?’ the large thug said as he looked over at Graeme
‘Yes, what should we do about you?’ Jonah said, staring at Graeme.
‘You could just let me go, too.’ Graeme said, smiling
‘You must find it hard to walk kid,’ said Jonah ‘What with those brass balls.’ Jonah’s thugs chuckled. Graeme smiled. Hurry up, Jack, figure it out buddy, figure it out. You know where I’ve hidden the diamonds, thought Graeme.

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