Creating e-books

In this post, I’ve uploaded some free poems, quotes and images you can use to write your own e-books. By watching the video tutorials you’ll learn how to create a version of The Little Book of Inspiration. As you learn how to make your own version of The Little Book of Inspiration you’ll acquire the knowledge to make your own e-books. If you want the free resources, click on the Free Downloads link below

Remember, you can use the resources on this post to create any kind of e-book you like. That means you can use the video tutorials to help you write your autobiography or create a simple e-book that’s basically a collection of your thoughts and pictures with hyperlinks to your favourite YouTube videos or other online content.

So the question is what kind of e-book do you want to make?

And Now the Video Tutorials and your Free Downloads

Part 1 Creating the Book Cover

Part 2 Formatting your Document

Part 3 Adding and Formatting Images (with extra tips and tricks for novelists)

Part 4 Doing the ePub Conversion and using Calibre’s editor to add images

Part 5 Hyperlinks, Table of Contents, Doing the Mobi conversion

Making e-books for profit and pleasure

For those of you with an interest in community work and community education, I have also written a course description and course outline for a short six week course: Making e-books for profit and pleasure. You are welcome to use the resources here to run the course in your local community. Here’s a link that will let you download a copy of the course description and outline which you are free to amend to suit your own needs. I will upload a course handbook soon, but you may already have your own resources which you can use to run the course in your area.

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