25 Ted Talks I Love

A few years ago, I created and printed 300 gratitude journals which I delivered to each home in Craighead Housing Estate. As this project was carried out at the start of the New Year, my hope was that I could nudge people towards pursuing their goals and living a happier life. But to be honest I didn’t get much feedback, so it wasn’t as successful as I hoped, then again part of the reason might be that I also included links to various Ted Talks on happiness, which probably isn’t everyone’s cup tea. Not everyone is willing to sit down and listen to people give short 5 to 20-minute talks on happiness. In truth, it’s also probably better to include the links to Ted Talks in a post like this rather than in a physical book. After all, who’s going to want to type out the web addresses when they could just click on the links as you can right now. Of course, technology is a wonderful thing when it works so if you encounter a problem feel free to let me know. I’d also love to hear from you, and to know if you like any of these talks or feel you found a better one which I should add to the list.

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