Why I created Happy the Rabbit

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of the Happy Resource Kit, visit the Happy the Rabbit Page and download it now.

The Vision

Happy the Rabbit is the central character in the children’s book Happy and The White Fox, but I created her to tackle a problem: the fact that children do not always get the support they need to deal with painful emotions.

Happy the Rabbit
She likes playing games and listening to grasshoppers chirr, but she misses her dad

In this time of austerity, mental health services for children are under enormous strain. It may be a tall order for a children’s character to help children cope with family breakdown, the death of a loved one or the demands of being a young carer. But in a world that forces children to grow up fast, it’s important to try to help children develop skills they need to cope with what life throws at them.

Would you like to support Happy the Rabbit?

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I don’t have all the answers, and probably no one does. I would be the first to admit that Happy the Rabbit isn’t the solution to deep-seated emotional problems, but I am keen to work with anyone working in the mental health field and thinks they can improve upon what I am trying to do with Happy the Rabbit. If you can help develop this project further  get in contact

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