Why I created Happy the Rabbit

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of the Happy Resource Kit, visit the Happy the Rabbit Page and download it now. The Vision Happy the Rabbit is the central character in the children’s book Happy and The White Fox, but I created her to tackle a problem: the fact that children do not always get the support they need […]

Free Poetry: sound recordings

I included hyperlinks to most of these poems in the Little Book of Inspiration. I hope you enjoy listening to them. If you would like to hear something else, let me know. I may have a poem you’ll like.

A Feather 0:16

Barrhead Gala 0:43

Running Festival 0:27

Barrhead and Neilston Disabled Forum 1:17

Disappointment 0:51

Kelburn Street 0:37

The Craigie 1:58

Signs of Belonging 2.46

Here 1:31

Around Barrhead 2.10