Barrhead and Neilston Players

I set this group in 2003 with the help of David O’Rorke a local actor and now a significant provider of drama workshops and projects to a range of groups and organisations.

You’ll find the Barrhead and Neilston Players panto scripts useful in giving a group some direction and purpose. Meanwhile, paperwork like the group’s constitution can act as a kind of template to help you design your own which you’ll probably need to get funding and set up a treasurer’s account.

Download the panto scripts now by clicking on this download Barrhead and Neilston Players

Why should you set up an amateur dramatic society in your community?

With tickets to the big theatres being pretty expensive for many families, a pantomime performed by a local group can often be more affordable for families. So if you would like the challenge of setting up a similar group in your community then get started with the scripts I’ve provided. What’s more, you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. And you could raise a lot of money for good causes too. You will also make Christmas a magical time for those families living on a limited budget. And to be honest, you’re performance might even be better than some of those so-called professional performances which can be a bit too long.

Reflections on Barrhead and Neilston Players

The key to a long-term community group is full participation by the members. You should aim to encourage them to write the scripts, make the costumes, manage the group account and so on. Your job isn’t to do everything. Your job is to enable them to do it for themselves. Ideally, you should try to make yourself redundant. If the group can continue without you, then you have succeeded and should give yourself a pat on the back.

A successful community group is one that can stand on its own feet.

I’m not an actor, nor do I design costumes, so I got other people to do that stuff, so my biggest tip in running a community group:

delegate, delegate and then delegate some more.

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