How to be a dreamer

Often people caution us to be realistic, to keep a level-head, to keep our feet on the ground, but as dreamers we know we must take to flight, even if we crash and burn like Icarus, flying too close to the sun. But we also know, despite Icarus’ fate, it is us, the dreamers, who shape this reality, not the cynics who are reduced to simply commenting on it. The dangers we face are worth it – worth the ridicule and the possibility of failure because how else should we live?

The Dream of Flight is a metaphor

Human flight, just a dream for the Ancient Greeks, is now commonplace. And yet, that trip of a lifetime, or weekend break to your favourite European city, could not have been taken without the plane that flew you there.  The planes we see today can only take to the sky because of the efforts of generations of dreamers that tried and failed to achieve the dream of flight. Each of these glorious failures had to deal with the cynics that said, “that’ll never work,” had to deal with seeing their dream crash and burn. Some will also have had to deal with being sent to sanatoriums by concerned relatives: the dreamer is mad to the cynic.

Even da Vinci failed

Yes, even Leonardo da Vinci, one of the world’s most famous dreamers, and the man who drew a design for a flying machine that looks like a helicopter, failed to realise the dream of flight. It took hundreds of years to get from that drawing by da Vinci to the Wright Brothers successful flight in the early part of the 20th Century. Maybe you aren’t da Vinci, nor the Wright Brothers, but maybe you’re meant to be successful in some other way.

The Consequences of achieving the dream of flight have been explosive

The achievement of manned flight lit a fuse in the human mind. After centuries of failure, it was just a few short decades after the Wright Brothers’ success that commercial air travel arrived, and then in the blink of an eye we made it to the moon.

All the dreamers of the past that failed to achieve manned flight are a powerful example. Each dead-end was a stepping stone to success; their failures guided the Wright Brothers. Without the passion and near madness of the dreamers of the past many of the things we take for granted like the foreign holidays would only be a pipe dream; history may have forgotten many of them but without their failures, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to achieve your dreams now. You stand on the shoulders of invisible giants so don’t let them or yourself down.

Let your dreams soar

There is an essential truth here: dreamers, possibly even you, are right now working on the next revolutionary idea that will – just like the aeroplane transform our world, but it is up to you to get your dream soaring in the minds and hearts of men.

Remember, the more you dream, the better our reality will become. Don’t let the cynics clip your wings.

The best of luck.

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