Craighead Community Projects

Like many housing estates up and down the land,  Craighead Housing Estate suffers from the impact of low-level anti-social behaviour, which makes the lives of older residents difficult. This project was a partnership between the local council, Boys’ Brigade and an environmental group called Carts Greenspaces. It ran for a couple of months and led to the creation […]

Barrhead and Neilston Players

I set this group in 2003 with the help of David O’Rorke a local actor and now a significant provider of drama workshops and projects to a range of groups and organisations. You’ll find the Barrhead and Neilston Players panto scripts useful in giving a group some direction and purpose. Meanwhile, paperwork like the group’s constitution […]

The Neilston Pad Race

In 2004, I got speaking to a couple of runners in Neilston about the Neilston Pad Race/Run, a 4.5-mile athletics race which used to be an integral part of the Neilston Agricultural Show, but hadn’t been organised for many years. I realised I could re-establish this event and also promote healthy living and raise a lot of money for […]

3 reasons why It’s never too late to be successful

I was reading a book recently which made an interesting argument which twenty-somethings, still worried about making their mark might want to think about. Equally, if you’re middle-aged and have a host of financial and health worries then this is for you too. The argument had three parts 1) Given how long we are likely to […]

How Brexit Blew up Britain

I doubt many people understand the ramifications of the Brexit vote. After all, despite a wobble on the financial markets, things have pretty much returned to normal. The backstabbing in Westminster is the obvious example of just how quickly things have returned to normal. The truth is that the kind of nonsense spouted by David […]