As a home for the independent spirit, this website can help you walk the path that leads to your heart’s desire. But freedom requires courage so to inspire you to overcome the hurdles in your way, you’ll find here a wealth of inspirational books and blog posts that will encourage you to take action today. After all, we all need a little encouragement from time to time.

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Remember – freedom requires courage


3 Practical posts

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How to Create a Family Digital Archive 

3 Inspirational Posts 

3 reasons why it’s never too late to be successful

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5 Benefits of Doing Community Work 

The Community Projects

At the heart of my writing is a quest for real independence. It’s why I’ve set up a range of community projects over the years. If you feel inspired by my books and want to make a difference in your community read more about various community projects you can organise in your neighbourhood.

You can make a difference

Be inspired 

I hope you use the resources found on the Community Projects page to build strong, independent communities in your area because, if we are to build a state of independence, it must first exist in the minds of our fellow citizens.

Remember – freedom requires courage